Twitter stories – very very short stories

Stories inspired by photographs. All photographs © Neil Richardson

If only the remote control had a button to switch off insomnia. Then I wouldn’t have to watch such rubbish.

She wanted to lose pounds – he wanted to gain them. Fortunately she was the banker and he was the gambler.

Loneliness forced him to conform but the constraints were too great. He never would be a square peg, or a round hole.

She liked taking risks. He liked taking chances. They made a great pair – and had a full house

Research told him “cyclist are cool & get dates.” He got a sore bottom and sour grapes.

link to the research

Andy resigned.
His son had won again but for the first time Andy hadn’t lost on purpose.

The snug dog looked sweet curled on the chair. The roast beef was gone; only the smug dog knew where it was.

“Which nuts do mice like?”
“What! You’re feeding it?”
“No way – deciding how to bait the trap.”

His dad was his hero. He could do everything. He was a superstar. Until… his dad said NO

He felt bound by his words. But what he said and what he meant weren’t the same. She should understand.

Computer keyboard

Every day he typed the story of his life. Until he realised he had no life.

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