Children’s stories

I love writing stories for kids. But I only write words, and books for under fives really don’t work without pictures. (Except for The Book With No Pictures by B. J. Novak, which is an amazing book, especially if you watch a video of B. J. Novak reading it. Honestly it is worth it.)

I’ve got words for over thirty picture books sitting on my computer. They’ll have to stay there until maybe one day they’ll emerge like a caterpillar, get some wonderful colours added to them and get published.

I hope you enjoy some of these stories for kids older than five. I’ll be adding more stories over the next few months. I thought about adding guidance on ages, but kids don’t fit neatly into boxes. Just try reading and if you like the story carry on. If not then try another.

And seeing as there are no pictures here’s a fun photo I took. I am sure someone could write a good story about this.

Circus Ducks
Can you come up with a good caption?

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