Caught (3 minute read)

Mum looked shocked.

‘Wh..What,’ she stammered.

‘Mrs Phillips,’ said the policewoman. ‘Can I talk to you about your daughter? She was caught shop-lifting.’

Mum led us into the front room. Dad came in. Unfortunately he hadn’t gone to work yet.

‘Where was she caught?’ asked mum.

‘How was she caught?’ asked dad.

‘What did she take?’ asked mum.

‘A Sylvanian family,’ said the policewoman.

‘A what?’ said dad.

‘A Sylvanian family,’ repeated the policewoman.  ‘Little animal dolls. They’re very popular with little girls.’

‘I’m not little,’ I said.

‘Do you think that’s grown up?” said dad. “Getting caught shop lifting.’

‘We’re worried about you, dear,’ said mum.

‘Yes, you’re not turning out the way we thought you would,’ shouted dad. ‘We’re going to have to teach you a lesson.’

‘Was this the first time Emily has been shop-lifting?’ asked the policewoman.

‘You haven’t been shop lifting without us knowing, have you Emily?’ asked mum

‘No. Never,’ I said.

‘And I’m going to make sure that nothing like this happens again,’ said dad.

‘Mr Phillips,’ said the policewomen. ‘Can I have a private word with you and your wife?’

‘Of course,’ replied dad. ‘Emily, go and think about what you’ve done.’

I left the door open so I could listen.

‘Don’t be too hard on her,’ said the policewoman. ‘She seems like a good girl and was really sorry about what happened.’

‘She is a good girl,’ said mum.

‘Where have we gone wrong?’ said dad

‘I’m sure the shock of getting caught will sort her out,’ said the policewoman.

‘I hope you’re right,’ said mum.

‘We’ll sort her out,’ said dad.

‘What will you do?’ asked the policewoman.

She sounded worried I’d be punished. Dad’s big and looks frightening, but he’d never hurt anyone.

‘Don’t worry officer,’ said dad. ‘We’ll think of something.’

‘You should take her out more,’ said mum.

‘I suppose I could take her to work with me,’ dad said.

‘What’s your work?’ asked the policewoman.

‘Acquisitions,’ said dad. ‘Usually businesses or banks but I do some shops. I’m sure I can teach her where she’s gone wrong.

‘That sounds good,’ said the policewoman. ‘I am sure she can learn from you.’

It sounded like she was leaving so I quickly crept up to my room.  A few minutes later dad came in.

‘Well,’ said dad.

‘I’m sorry,’ I said. ‘I was stupid. It won’t happen again’

‘You bet it won’t,’ said dad. ‘I can’t believe you were caught shop-lifting and dragged home by the police’.

‘Will you really take me out?’ I asked.

‘Of course I will,’ dad said with a smile. ‘I don’t want you getting caught pinching dolls. What would it do to my reputation? Now get ready and you can come and rob a supermarket with me.’

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