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I know Malorie Blackman from her well known novel Noughts and Crosses, which is aimed at teenagers and covers the difficult subject of racism.

I was therefore surprised when my daughter picked up one of her books at the library. I hadn’t realised she also wrote for younger children.

Elle and the Cat is ideal for 5 – 7 year olds (or as an self-read for 8 – 10s). It starts with Ellie being rude to her Grandma, which is not something you should do if your Grandma can do magic. Grandma decides it’s time for Ellie to learn a lesson and swiftly magics her into the cat’s body. She also gives her the impossible task of finding her wedding ring, or remaining a cat for the rest of her life.

As a cat, Ellie makes new friends and gets their help in her search for the missing wedding ring. But finding the ring is not the end of the story. She still has to get past Jolly the devious cat who is enjoying her time in Ellie’s body and doesn’t want to be swapped back.

I enjoyed the languages such as the “slick, slimy, slithery smell” and the many names the mice and spiders had for Jolly their enemy.

It’s a short, enjoyable read. My daughter read the book in a morning and liked the bit where all the spiders and mice climbed over each other to make a ladder.

If you’ve read it, how do you rate it? [ratings]


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