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So many books to read. Here’s some I’ve heard good things about. I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing them. I’ll add to this list as I hear about new books.

Under 5s

Winter’s Child by Angela McAllister

TickEddie and Dog by Alison Brown. Great fun.


Enormouse by Angie Morgan

The Bear in the Book by Kate Banks – I liked the descriptions of sumptuousness in a Books for Keeps review

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein – recommended by Donna L Martin

5 – 8s

Troll and Oliver by Adam Stower

Captain Cat by Inga Moore

8 – 10s

TickThe Dragonsitter’s Castle by Josh Lacey. I didn’t quite read this one – but got close with The Dragonsitter’s Island.


TickFortunately the Milk by Neil Gaiman – on the list because I’ve enjoyed so many of his other books – both children’s and adult’s. UPDATE – it’s only 2 January and courtesy of my local Library I’ve already had my first enjoyable read of the year.Short review here.

Goth Girl and the Ghost of a Mouse by Chris Riddell (who also illustrated Fortunately the Milk). An enjoyable quick read.


Wormwood Gate by Katherine Farmar

The Future King: The Waking World by Tom Huddleston. I like the idea of an Arthurian story set in a post-apocalytic future.

Every day by David Levithan sounded interesting in the  Books for Keeps book of the year list.

TickShe is not invisible by Marcus Sedgwick – another one that gets listed as thought provoking in the  Books for Keeps book of the year list. I can see why – I read one chapter and was so hooked that I read all the rest in one sitting.

Listening for Lucca by Suzanne LaFleur – on the list because I enjoyed Eight Keys so much.

How to be Invisible by Tim Lott


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